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Come Experience Swahili Maritime Heritage and Culture.

18th to 20th 
October 2024

East African Ocean Festival 2024

A premier 3-day ocean sporting and entertainment event scheduled from 18th to 20th October 2024, beckons with a promise to celebrate not just the allure of the ocean but also the deep-rooted maritime history of the captivating city of Mombasa and East Africa as a whole.

Set against the backdrop of Tudor Creek, Mombasa – Kenya this festival represents a profound homage to the sea, an embodiment of cultural legacy, and an economic catalyst.

Tudor Creek

The Perfect Backdrop for the Festival

The East African Ocean Festival Finds Its Home at Tudor Creek, a Shimmering Jewel of the Mombasa Coastline. This tidal creek is not just a picturesque waterway but a historical landmark. With its gentle tides and serene waters, it has served as a cradle of maritime activity for centuries

Main Events at the Festival

The East African Ocean Festival 2024 Will Feature a Variety of Main Activities Designed to Captivate and Educate

Traditional Dhow Race

Step back in time. Witness the timeless elegance of dhows competing in a traditional race.

Boat Show and Parade

Witness a dazzling spectacle of decorated boats, a vibrant celebration of maritime culture.

Canoe Racing

Embrace the spirit of teamwork and paddle power in this exciting canoe racing competition.

Kayak Competition

Embrace the spirit of teamwork and paddle power in this exciting canoe racing competition.

JetSki Competition

Feel the adrenaline rush as high-powered jet skis carve through waves in a thrilling competition.

Mini Live Concerts

Experience the diverse musical tapestry of Swahili culture under the starlit sky.

Side Events at the Festival

A diverse range of side activities to enrich your experience. Something for everyone.

Beach Clean Up & Mangrove Restoration

Engage in beach cleaning and mangrove restoration to help preserve our precious marine ecosystems
Location: Junda Beach
Event Sponsor

Underwater Photography Exhibition

Showcase the hidden wonders beneath the waves while highlighting the importance of coral preservation.
Location: Tamarind Village
Event Sponsor

Charity Fishing Tournament

Compete in a deep-sea fishing event that supports local marine conservation efforts.
Location: Tudor Water Sports
Event Sponsor

Swahili Art, History, Dance and Flavours

Immerse yourself in the heart of Swahili culture with a vibrant display of arts, history, dance, and flavors.
Location: Treasury Square
Event Sponsor

Our Partners

Art, bites, beds, & beats: Together, with our amazing partners, we promise a shimmering festival spectacle.

Tamarind Village

National Museums of Kenya

CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites

Tourism Promotion Fund

Floating Island Restaurant

English Point Marina

Tudor Water Sports Hotel

Tulia House Old Town

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From ticketing inquiries to volunteering opportunities, connect with our team and make your East African Ocean Festival dreams a reality!
Office Address

Epic Business Centre, Block A, 5th Floor, Nyali, Mombasa, Kenya